FATHER’S HOUSE is more than a church-it is a group of young people who are driven by the purpose of Jesus Christ for His Church.  We love people so much that we are always ready to bring them to the knowledge of the Father and to fellowship with us-His children.  We teach the love and promise of God so that people can be grateful to our household.  Above all, we use our life styles to magnify the Father so that His praise can be seen through us.


…shaping destines and adding fragrance to living


  • Attracting and leading multitudes to Christ
  • Building them into maturity by equipping them to serve with excellence in the Father’s House.
  • Empowering them for a life of significance
  • Turning them into magnets to attract others to the same experience.

We believe that everyone has a God-given purpose and will never be successful until he finds that purpose and fulfills it. Father’s House exists to help shape the destinies of people so that can be empowered to live out their destinies.

“Don’t put your light under the basket……… you are the light of the world”

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