We are truly delighted to serve you, even on this platform. We perfectly understand the need to love, learn, and win together.

The Father’s House is so alive and life changing, a House where you could feel both challenged and cared for. We provide the enabling environment for people to grow and mature in Christ and become all they were born to be.

I want you to know that God created everything for you and you for Him. You are always on his mind and what matters to you matters to God. Choices are an integral part of existence.

They are made in the present but determine the future. The greatest choice you can make is to choose to give your heart to Jesus. It is God’s desire that you live with him in paradise.

We do sincerely believe you have a choice but you will do us a great honour by choosing us. Your contact with us will never leave you the same; this will be an experience of a lifetime as we trust God from today to set your life in irreversible motion for success.

Once again welcome to the place where friends meet friends and all meet Jesus.

I love you.

Wale Akinronbi

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