All through the course of human history there always has been a arising need for men and women from various backgrounds, races and faith to come together. And when this is done, there is an eventual evolvement of a people’s conference or group.

These networks are formed either to pursue a common purpose or seek redress to an injustice: by leaps or bounds, these movements accomplished their objectives; some took years to come off goods: some were not as successful; others were totally stampeded. They helped men halfway but not in all ramifications.

However, there is need for a mega movement that is more positively thorough, effective and efficacious in its modus operandi, such that unreservedly change men inside out. A movement that is capable of total make-over of men’s make-up. A campaign with the panacea and the finesse to handle the twenty-first century challenges that face man. The one that revitalizes a dying hope, re-invigorates a failed dream, re-energizes a sleeping giant; and rejigs an unproductive creative ability of men.

The movement shapes destinies and adds fragrance to living – with working principles and enabling structures that guarantees visible results, anticipated outcomes and measurable success.

This movement marshaled by a visionary leader with an unparalleled faculty for making ordinary people do extraordinary things:

Powered by the Divine Intelligence we call Jesus Christ and the Supreme Being we call God. You call it a mega movement; we call it the MEGA CHURCH.

This is the FATHER’S HOUSE – The Church without walls – where you can make your residence, explore all of life’s possibilities and maximize all of your potentialities.

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