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Just One Visit

What makes us so confident that the ministry we offer at the Father’s House deserves your attention? It is because the fact speaks for themselves, shaping of destinies, hope for the hopeless, love to the rejected, broken heart mended, shattered dreams recovered… behind every face a story, inside every heart a testimony.

At the Father’s House, our focus is to lift up JESUS and expose you to His words and power. Then we leave Him to do rest, and the consistent result? Changed lives! That’s why we dare to say:


Our Services

Every service carries its own freshness and usually to deliver what genuine encounter with God should be like… A unique and unforgettable experience. No service is like the other. The atmosphere in the Father’s House is ever thick, enveloped with God’s presence. The worship experience is terrific; the word is healthy, balanced, inspiring and challenging towards building the total man. The word continuously birth testimonies which in turn impact others to win and overcome.

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