Good things don’t just happen, you must press some buttons to make them happen. It is Weeds (Evil) that just happen. If you don’t plant the DESIRED, then get ready for the UNDESIRED.

We believe that the will of God can be declared but before the will of God can be manifested, it must be sandwiched with prayers. There must be some asking before a receiving can occur, a seeking before something is found and a knocking for open doors.

The fullness of your joy is tied to your asking.

In the Father’s House we pray the word, we produce our case before God with our strong reasons [Isaiah 41 vs 21] and his faithfulness and grace has consistently brought answers and results.

Prayer sandwiched with fasting coupled with communion which takes place First Wednesday of every month for us is like three unbreakable fold cord which is sure to deliver results.

Join us @ the next prayer ministry. You’ll be glad you did.

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