believers meetn


When we gather for worship, we believe that each one of us should come with something useful for all. Believer’s meeting afford us the privilege to share with one another; Sing a Hymn, Teach a Lesson, Tell a Story, Lead a Prayer, Provide an Insight and so on.

This unusual night is dedicated to growth and maturity in God. The family comes together in the unity of faith to discuss and divide the engrafted word of truth. We do all to take root downward in the word and bear fruits upward in the world. We try to help each other attain Maturity in the Unity of Faith and of the Spirit. It’s highly empowering. This service that holds every Second Wednesday gives room to everyone to ask questions based on their personal and general challenges in the word. You need to attend the next one and you will be surprise at your alarming pace and how robust you will start becoming in the spirit.

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