This is the House of our father.

Hype… frenzied… Hysteric… Spontaneous …  These may be the impressions of any first time worshipper in the Father’s House at any of our Services either on Sunday or Wednesday. With music blaring away from the speakers, the young people at the Father’s House are un-controllably excited.  On a closer look, these young people are not unruly; they are just excited about the joy for a better way of life that they have found.

With our God-filled services in a packed out auditorium, Father’s House has fast become a positive force of impact among young people in the Rock City (Abeokuta), Southwest Nigeria. In the last 8 years, hundreds of young men and women have been led away from destructive associations and habits. Many of these young people have also been rescued from the effects of abusive relationships and limiting thinking patterns.

The Father’s House does not have all the trappings of a traditional local church assembly.  It is the place for those whose destinies are about to be revealed.  These people like Joseph, the Dreamer-Prime Minister are being shaped to bear the burden of the future for our nation.  By shaping these young people, we are adding fragrance to their future and our own future.  We teach time-less and Godly principles that are needed for quality leadership and lifestyle.

The ultimate in Father’s House is that we are also raising a new breed of worshippers-the kind of worshippers that the father Himself desires.  The atmosphere of worship at the House is a no-holds barred event.  Here people worship God with reckless abandon because He is real in their lives.  We are raising people who know that worship is more than spiritual music.  Worship, to us is a lifestyle of obedience and service to God.

Welcome to this Company of Giants.


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