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FH Love Affairs

Love Affairs

Love, sex and lasting relationships apply so much to singles in our day. They want to hear about it, they are naturally fascinated toward them. More important than all, getting married and staying married without heartaches is crucial, critical and essential to our happiness and being.
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FH Fathers Nite

Father's Nite

God is a spirit and he desires true worshippers that will worship him in spirit and in truth. Father’s House dedicates the Third Wednesday of every month to praise and worship the doer of all things good. The one who does wonders without numbers, miracles
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Family & Friends Service

If it’s true that the height of our joy and the base of our sadness are mostly the products of our closest relationships, then family and friends which holds Third Sunday of every month is a “must” attend for everyone. Come learn and know how to win, succeed in relationship
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trading talent

Trading Talents

One of the most hysteric and frenzy moments in the Father’s House is the last Sunday of every month. Young folks and old alike come to trade/display their talents and special gifts. It’s a wake-up call to relevance and kingdom usefulness.
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prayer meeting

Prayer Meeting

Good things don’t just happen, you must press some buttons to make them happen. It is Weeds (Evil) that just happen. If you don’t plant the DESIRED, then get ready for the UNDESIRED.
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thanksgiving seervice

Thanksgiving Service

We are of the opinion that thanksgiving is essential and praise is now. As a matter of fact, we stress its importance and essence above prayers even though we do well to balance all. If thinking is intact then thanksgiving will be in place.
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